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Magnetic Separator
Magnetic Separators are extensively used in mineral and chemical processing industries for trouble free removal and separation of iron and other metal content. Driven by electricity, these machines use strontium ferrite magnet to separate metals.

Vibrating Screens
Vibrating Screens are widely used in pharmaceuticals, food processing and chemical industries for separating the solid impurities material from one another. These are easy to install and require less maintenance.
Magnetic Pulley
Magnetic Pullies are used for effective elimination of tramp iron. Its usage can be noticed in chemical, food processing, paper and also in ceramic industries. Advanced design of these products help to establish connection with motor.
Industrial Magnets
Industrial Magnets are known for their excellent magnetic attributes, high temperature and corrosion proof design and nickel plated surface finish. These magnets can be used under 200 degree C operating temperature.
Magnetic Destoner
Magnetic Destoners are known for their high operating speed and long working life. High automation degree, accurate diameter, Eco-friendly operation and low noise level are some of their main features.